C.A.A.G. Model

CViewSurvey works on a proven C.A.A.G. model which allows you to collect actionable data, and helps you analyze it in a meaningful way. It lets you view your responses graphically and in real time ensuring 360° assessment and swift action delivery.

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How CViewSurvey App works?

CViewSurvey is a SaaS-based Web & Mobile application that provides digital transformation to traditional paper surveys and feedback for customer & employee experience, field & market research that helps you evaluate your customer's as well as employee's loyalty.

With our unique C.A.A.G. Collect, Analysis, Act & Grow approach; business & industry’s can create customized surveys on web, publish on app to collect unlimited response & review AI backed real-time data analytics on mobile & tablets anytime, anywhere. Data collected when offline is securely stored in the device, which syncs to the cloud server when connected to any network.