General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) lays strict guidelines for organizations which gather information and stores them.

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At CViewSurvey Digitech Pvt. Ltd., Data Security has been our highest priority since our beginning. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have you covered significantly more. In compliance with the GDPR, we ensure that whatever information we gather whether online or offline, be it for any reason like market surveying, customer feedback and so forth; we ensure it's as per GDPR and protection laws.

We are focused on your Privacy and Security. Our application encourages you with gathering and managing information in a simple manner. We guarantee your information is protected with us. You control and own your information.

Transparency: We are straightforward all through the cycle. In the event that you have any worry with respect to your own information, you can demand a review. You can contact our Data Protection official at and request any data identified with your account.

Personal Privacy: We regard individual protection of our clients' information, the client has rights to alter, erase, hold or move information.

Security: The CViewSurvey Digitech Pvt. Ltd. stage is improved with Enterprise security highlights which makes us a trusted name among our clientele. We have a fixed IT framework, information security stage and IT arrangements to offer our clients end to end security.

Option to delete: Agreeing to GDPR which says the people reserve the option to demand the Controller (the organization which has authority over your information) to delete their own information forever. We have a framework set up and we ensure we react to demands in the most limited time. Customers are notified when we delete their information.

Data Correction: GDPR includes an option to perceive a solicitation for revising the information. Through this a wrong information of an individual can be adjusted or redressed and even have their own information be finished if incase it's fragmented.

Information Retention: CViewSurvey Digitech Pvt.Ltd. has an unbending usefulness with regards to how clients/people control their information. Information is protected and made sure about as long as you have a functioning record with us. You can handle how long you need to keep the information. Assume you decided to eliminate survey responses from your record, be guaranteed that information is taken out from our data forever.

CViewSurvey Digitech Pvt. Ltd. has on numerous occasions won the trust and love from customers around the globe and any expectation of making a stride ahead with our upgraded security includes that the GDPR is agreeable and rest assured we will give the most importance to Data Security. On the off chance that you have particular inquiries, don't hesitate to write to our Data Protection Officer at .Our team will gladly answer all your questions.