CViewSurvey features are tailored for every Industry and Business.

Powerful features of CViewSurvey are in line with the trusted C.A.A.G. (collect, analysis, act & grow) model, that caters to businesses of all sizes.

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Collecting Responses

collect responses
  • Offline & Online Mode:

    CViewSurvey offers the flexibility to work in online and offline mode, allowing you to collect data and responses anytime, anywhere.

  • Supports iOS and Android Devices:

    With the help of CViewSurvey app, responses can be collected on iOS and Android devices.

  • Unlimited Responses:

    Our application gives you access to collect unlimited responses for a better understanding of your customers or employees.

  • Secure Cloud Based Services:

    Our app works on a SaaS based business model that allows you to store unlimited data safely and securely.

Survey Features

  • Page Branching:

    Lets respondents skip one or more questions and jump to a different page.

  • Customized Surveys:

    Personalize your surveys with custom background image or logo and improve your branding.

  • Media as Question:

    This extensive feature allows respondents to upload media as a response.

  • White Labeled Surveys:

    Create branded surveys and forms that align with your brand identity.

  • Pre-Designed Templates:

    We help you save your time and efforts by providing pre designed templates that cover all solutions.

  • Conditional Questions Display:

    This features gives you the option of creating questions on the survey that dynamically adapts to your respondents answers.

survey features

Reports & Analytics

Report Analytics
  • Response Count Summary:

    The total response counts shows the grand total of responses all your users are able to collect for any particular survey.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS®) Analysis:

    Get insights into your business’s promoters, detractors and passives and take action accordingly.

  • Dashboard Analytics:

    Collect data and view its graphical representation in real time for 360° assessment.

  • Download Responses:

    Data or reports can be easily downloaded by the company admin in forms like Excel, CSV or PDF format.

Special Questions Type

  • Map Coordinates (GPS):

    Capture GPS location of the device while the survey is being taken.

  • Capture Media:

    Allows you to take photos, video or audio to enhance the survey experience.

  • Ranking & CX Metrics:

    Measure CX attributes using metrix like NPS®, CSAT and CES.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS®):

    Measure customer loyalty by conducting NPS® survey to gauge the likelihood of repeat business.

Survey app

Admin & User Roles

admin user roles
  • Allows Company Admin to Create & Manage Users:

    Company admins have the authority to create and manage users, which gives them the power to add, edit or delete users according to the need.

  • Survey Creation:

    Company admin can create single or multiple surveys under one company account and can assign them to different users for collection of response.

  • Allow Company Admin to Manage Data:

    Only the company admin is authorised to view, manage and export data collected by the users.

  • User Roles and Responsibilities:

    Users can only take responses to the survey and view their collected data. They can manage multiple surveys assigned by their company admin.

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