Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about CViewSurvey? Who is an admin or user? Get answers to all your frequently asked questions and other such queries related to CViewSurvey app.

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FAQ’s for CViewSurvey

  1. How does CViewSurvey pricing work?
  2. CViewSurvey is a subscription-based service, which means that your plan auto-renews every quarter or year (depending on the term you choose). It charges on 3 factors

    • No. ofUsers/Device License
    • Duration (Quartely/Yearly)
    • Plan selected

    CViewSurvey provides Unlimited Surveys, Unlimited Questions and Unlimited Responses to collect in any plan you choose.

  3. What is additional User/Device License?
  4. Each plan of CViewSurvey comes with license for 1 user/device. If you want to assign more than 1 user/device then you will have to purchase a user/device license depending on the number of devices you want to use CViewSurvey App on.

  5. What happens after 7 days Free Trial?
  6. Upgrade to a paid plan or contact us before your free trial expires to continue using CViewSurvey.

  7. Does CViewSurvey support any other Language besides English?
  8. We provide you with a multi lingual platform, so that answering the surveys can be made comfortable.

  9. Can I create a survey from CViewSurvey mobile application?
  10. No, you cannot create a survey on CViewSurvey mobile application. You can create a survey using PC or Laptop only.

  11. Who is a Company Admin?
  12. A Company Admin is the person who is at some high position in a company and will manage all the surveys and users. Generally, a Company Admin is a Company Owner or Manager.

  13. Who is a User?
  14. A User is the person whom the Company Admin appoints to go and take the surveys. He is the Data Collector/Agent for collecting responses on behalf of the company.

  15. Does CViewSurvey work Offline?
  16. Yes, CViewSurvey works both Online & Offline. You can collect data anywhere, anytime with or without internet. After you collect data offline, when you come into network area, your data will automatically be synced to provide real time analysis.

  17. Where is the data stored which we collect?
  18. All your data is safely stored in Cloud storage. Cloud can store unlimited data securely.

  19. Is my payment data safe?
  20. powers payments on CViewSurvey. Your card information never reaches our servers and is never stored there. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. You may make payment via Credit Card, Debit Card or through bank transfer. In case you want to make payment against invoice or wire transfer, get in touch with sales team at to get more details.

  21. What is refund or cancellation policy?
  22. Unfortunately there is no refund or cancellation policy in place. In case of outstanding balance you can use that credit towards reactivation of your paid subscription in the future. We do not offer refunds.For Further details contact:

  23. Does CViewSurvey provide White Label Solution?
  24. Yes, CViewSurvey provides your Company with White Label solution, to personalize your surveys for branding purpose.

  25. Is CViewSurvey safe for Businesses?
  26. Yes, CViewSurvey is considered to be an absolutely safe and trusted site. We respect your privacy concerns and ensure that the data is not used for malicious purposes.

  27. From where can we download CViewSurvey application?
  28. You can download the CViewSurvey Application from Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

  29. What will happen when the trial expires?
  30. You will no longer have access to our features. If in case you have created users during your free trial period, they will become inactive. You will only get to use them once you upgrade them to the pro plan.

  31. Can reports be downloaded?
  32. Yes, Reports can be downloaded in Excel, CSV and PDF form.

  33. Can reports be downloaded for a particular question?
  34. Yes, you can download reports for any question of your choice that you want to know the details for.