Get a 360° Assessment of Your Event.

With the help of CViewSurvey application, get ready insights on audience and visitors opinions on your event.

Event Survey

We help you evaluate attendee satisfaction pre, post and during your events

Pre Event and Entertainment Survey


With the help of our market survey application, you can head start your planning by getting to know relevant details about your attendees. Ensure your event is a big success, with CViewSurvey Events survey. Get a preview of your event by understanding about your prospects timing preferences, willingness to attend etc.


Conduct the surveys during the event for getting the live feedback of the event. During the event surveys are the best way to connect with participants and measure their first impression. This kind of survey helps you evaluate the event and know about the pros and cons, so you can always act accordingly to make the event more lively and enjoyable, then and there.

During Event Survey
Post Event Survey


These surveys will provide you with insights that will ensure smooth conduction of your events in the future. The success of any event depends on how your staff and audience are able to connect. Engaging with them regularly post event and addressing their expectations is vital for long term benefits.