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Our education surveys are made for teachers, students and parents, for identifying areas of improvement and work on rectifying them.

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CView Education Surveys provide valuable insights into areas like:

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Knowing the views and opinions of students is vital in running a successful Educational institution. Gathering feedback from the students makes you recognize areas which needs to be refined and areas which are performing well.


Professors and Teachers form the backbone of the educational world. Making them feel heard and important increases the chances of retention and reduces turnover. Their constructive feedback gives useful insights that can be moulded correctly for growth.


Gathering feedback from parents gives you their perspective about your Educational Institution.Parent feedback surveys help build a healthy relationship with parents that further strengthens the relationship with the child as well.


Course feedback is essential for the academic growth of the institution. This helps you know about how well the students are grasping the course, how is that benefiting them and how well are the educators able to teach.

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Evaluating educators makes you understand about their efficiency. Knowing about the teaching methods the teachers employ can help you identify and reward great teachers and also recognize those who need help so that they can get the required training to improve their efficiency.


The satisfaction of administration is equally important for a peaceful and successful teaching environment.Time to time evaluation of staff and teachers can help pick areas of development and areas that need refinement if any, along with areas that are performing well and should be boosted.

CView Educational survey is a platform that captures a broad range of information, provides quick results, and offer privacy in responses.